The list includes only restaurants, located in the city center. Five of them have passed our inspection and we describe them in detail. Every location was rated by five criteria: is it delicious; how fast the order was completed; atmosphere; friendly staff; intelligence of staff (speaking foreign languages and willingness to talk not only about food).

Our Top 20

It is not the rating but our recommended list of the restaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk. Every place has its own features and advantages, but the most important thing is customer feedback – positive and warm responses and no complaints.

  • Desyatka – beer club and bistro restaurant. Ukrainian and European cuisine.
  • Familia – family restaurant. Ukrainian and European cuisine. Local identity.
  • The first family restaurant Mulyarovyh – Galician and European cuisine.
  • Fabbrica – family restaurant. Italian cuisine of the Galician products.
  • MANUFACTURA – European cuisine.
  • RESTO Grill & Wine – European cuisine, live music.
  • Antique restaurant “ShpyndeL” – European cuisine.
  • Corassini – grill and wine.
  • Copper HeadBeer workshop – European cuisine.
  • Florens – Italian restaurant.
  • Peperoncino – pizzeria. Italian cuisine.
  • Wine & Meat – family restaurant.
  • Urban Space 100 – modern European cuisine.
  • Restaurant-theater “Kabuki” – sushi and lunches.
  • Pasage Gartenberg – Eropean cuisine and night club.
  • Lehenda PUB – European cuisine.
  • Whiskey pub “Staryi pes” (“The old dog”) – European cuisine, live music.
  • Restaurant ‘Kukhnya” (‘Kitchen’) – European and American cuisine.
  • Profiterole – European cuisine and sea food from the north of Ireland.
  • ChefClub – “Live” cuisine restaurant.

Our Top 5

Desyatka Pub

Everybody in Ivano-Frankivsk knows this place. It is appreciated for it’s tasty cuisine, large portions and fast service. The locals show this place to their guests, who spread the good fame of “Desyatka” far beyond the city.   

Bistro and pub are usually crowded since opening at 11 am. We recommend to make a reservation by phone in advance. Otherwise you can hear from administrator “Sorry, you have to wait”.

Administrators in “Desyatka” are the owners of time and space. They meet guests at the entrance and bring them to their table. They are responsible for reservations and other organizational issues. For example, in bistro they can place customers near socket (there are only two of them in the hall). Do you need to charge a phone – usually they do it at the bar. You can also get a nursery chair for feeding a baby.

You will not notice the interior in bistro – it’s very non-pretentious, functional and restrained. The peculiarities are in the details: old cast-iron battery with decorative casting, contour drawings on mirrors, Empire style racks. There are no too many details, nothing distracts from the dishes. Pub will not impress the regulars of such places either. There are three loft style halls and two modern classics indoor halls: nothing extraordinary in furniture or on the walls, but everything is well-balanced, thought-out, it is pleasing to the eye and sets the right mood

“Desyatka” suggests customers Ukrainian and European cuisine. Menu includes five pages. Appetizers, salads – 10 varieties of green mix and 5 hot. Three regular soups and “soup of the day”, which is different every day. The entrees include meat variations: steaks, sausages, baked meat (pork, veal, chicken). Fish is also available: grilled trout, gilt head bream (dorado), salmon, grilled carp. There are typical side dishes, varenyky and pelmeni (traditional Ukrainian dumplings). Suggested deserts are pastry and special ice-cream.

The locals know that portions in ‘Desyatka’ are large. The tourist, who visits this place for the first time, can be slightly shocked by size of portions if he orders usual dinner set of a few dishes. Not everyone can eat so much. Certainly, you will not leave this place hungry.

The most popular alcohol here is beer. There is also wine and other alcohol drinks in menu. Though there is not a big list of them, but it is well thought out, the drinks are good, the prices are moderate. 

The waiters in ‘Desyatka’ are well-trained and very professional. There is almost no waiting time. Menus are already on tables. If you want to try something special, the waitress suggests to fill the salad with a chosen sauce – there are six types of sauces made by the chefs. You can try a “hot frying pan” – meat with a side dish, baked with cheese or sauce. Maybe fried mushrooms (chanterelles )? What about “Black Star” – black varenyky filled with potato and served with mushroom sauce?

Make your choice – try a mulled wine (gluwine) with orange and apple slices, traditional Galician strudel with apple and ice-cream. You can either chose a set of six tinctures (alcohol drinks) – the waitress recommends drinks of cedar, currants and Carpathian gin.

The alcohol drinks and the salads are served in a few minutes after you make an order. For the entree you have to wait up to 20 minutes. Varenyky are served in 10 minutes. The waitress can tell you about any dish. You can also learn about cuisine of Ivano-Frankivsk and famous local cooker Dariia Tsvek.

English menu is available for foreigners, but only a few waiters speak English. Every other waitress can come to terms with Polish. They will ask you to speak English if your language is German or Russian. As a conclusion, “Desyatka” is consistent with its reputation – a reliable, proven place, where you will definitely get what you came for. Besides, it is inexpensive.

Corassini grill and wine

“The cuisine with historical spirit” – this slogan chosen by “Corassini’s’ team” absolutely corresponds to atmosphere of place. The restaurant is located in significant part of Frankivsk – fortress gallery “Bastion”. This is the only preserved part of walls of the Stanislav fortress, built in the 17th century. The restaurant starts at 11.00 AM and works till 11.00 PM.

“Good afternoon” – administrator welcomes guests near bar. If visitor says something in foreign language, someone of the staff will definitely communicate with guest, assure in “Corassini”. We tried to speak Polish and our waiter had professional experience in Poland.

Menu in “Corassini” is bilingual: Ukrainian and English. If you prefer borsch, varenyky or traditional Galician cheesecakes – this place will not satisfy you. There is another cuisine that appeals not only to the history but to your sense of taste. It may turn out to be better than you imagine.

In “Corassini” you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are no separate sets – the guests can combine dishes according to their preferences. Cold appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, pizza, desserts are in the menu. You can order a tea ceremony or a cup of coffee – there are over 10 variants.

Meat is the entree here. “Corassini” suggests lamb, duck and rabbit, foie gras. Fish – salmon, tuna, gilt head bream (dorado). A typical serving with exclusive sauces, greens and nuts e.g. salad of duck, pear, stewed in red wine, and strawberry sauce is quite normal in this place.

Available drinks are fresh juices, water, beer, hard alcohol, wine. “In vino veritas” is the best description for the wine card, represented by European, Chilean, Argentinian, New Zealand, American and Israeli wine brands.

Loft interior in three halls of the restaurant is supplemented by stylish tables: round tables for 6 or more persons, square tables for two or four persons. There is also bar for many guests. In the Loft-styled halls the interior complements round-tables for 6 or more persons,  square tables for 4 and 2 persons, and bar counter for a few guests.

The waiter warned us that entree could be cooked up to 30 minutes. He recommended  alternative dishes, which could be served twice faster. He suggested three options. We agreed. During 12 minutes we’ve got a glass of Chilean wine, duck with potato knydli and sauce of baked apple, fragaria, prune and mix of nuts. Salad was of grilled vegetables with Herbes de Provence, mozzarella, arugula, lettuce, olive oil and balzamico cream. Exquisite and delicious.

“Corassini” is one of the most expensive restaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk. It is caused by location, extraordinary menu, attention. Waiters instantly react to raised hand. They are ready to tell in details about “Bastion”, history of the city and main attractions. They react to remarks regarding the dishes, as if they cooked them themselves.  “You used to have wonderful pears in wine with pine nuts” – “We are sorry, that there is no your favorite desert, but we have many delicious deserts now…” – the waiter started to explain. We will check it the other time.

“Fabbrica” – family restaurant

“Fabbrica” meets you with the smell of fresh bread and some slightly catchy spices. Only then you hear the waiter’s greeting. Guests can choose the table or waiter takes them to the place if help needed. In pots on the tables – wheat sprouts. On the windowsills maturing hot peppers and bushy marjoram – the source of fragrance.

“Fabbrica” is one of the catering establishments of local network “23 restaurants”. Each of them has own concept and purpose related to urban environment. This restaurant is specialized in “green” cuisine and Italian dishes with Galician products. In the public loft space there is open kitchen with a stove, all cooking processes are available for watching. While cooking, the chefs can tell and show what they do, explain ingredient combinations, answer questions. “We cook healthy food with you”, – they give you a feeling of complicity.

In the hall waiters maintain this atmosphere. They also know about whole cycle of production – from grinding grain to pasta or pizza on your table. You can see process of making pasta in the hall – part of it is provided in open craft, where fusilli, tagliatelle or campanelle are made of different types of flour. You can buy there product samples, packed in paper bags.

Pastas and pizzas, as well as salads, are the basis of local menu. The “green” atmosphere based on healthy food is reflected in offer. We ordered vegetable salad with cheese cream, chicken cappellacci with mushroom sauce and spicy grog. The waiter recommended desserts of own production and authentic Italian ice cream. Grog was served immediately – three spicy cherries on a toothpick were added. The salad was on the table in 5 minutes. Few more minutes later we tasted cappellacci – “envelops” of dark coarse grilled flour stuffed with chicken meat, sauce and wheat sprouts.

You may be interested in local craft beer or Ukrainian wines. Maybe Ukrainian liqueurs and calvados – not only of pears, apples and plums, but also of rowan, elderberry and black currants? What about set of 5 fruit-berry tinctures? However, we prefer winter warming drinks. Except grog, there is a variety of punches, mulled wine, cocktails and hot lemonade with ginger.

One more kitchen, modern classics hall and playroom for kids are on the second floor of the restaurant.  “Fabbrica” declares being a child-friendly place, and that is true. There is an automatic machine with diapers in lavatory on the first floor. Aspecial board is next to the washstand. “It’s for children’s legs – more comfortable to wash hands,” – explains the waitress. Changing table and nursery chair are on the second floor. Sketches, kits, blocks set, clockwork toys and board games are in the playroom. There are always some kids.

“Fabbrica” is not only child-friendly. Pets of any size and breed can have here kibbles – dog food is free. As a rule, these visitors are trained and do not cause a hassle either to the staff or to other clients.

English is the language of international communication in the restaurant. There is English menu. Music on the first floor – instrumental jazz, the second floor – European pop classics.

Familia – family cuisine restaurant

The restaurant on “Stometrivka” has two floors. Small and cozy fusion-styled halls with local ethnic theme are on the first floor. 

The light makes special atmosphere – it’s muted due to ceramic lamps similar to makitra (traditional Ukrainian jug). Casting ceramic combined with decorative painting – there are Hutsulian patterns on the lamps, as well as on the veretas (traditional coverlets on benches and couches). It is original Hutsulian cloth, easel textile made by weaver from Kosiv region.

The provence style second floor is just like a hint that the restaurant combines local tradition with classical European one. Kitchen is also in this style. By the way, kitchen on the first floor is open. You can have breakfast when the restaurant starts at 8:30 AM. Dinners are available till 11:00 PM. On weekends “Familia” welcomes guests from 11.00 AM.

There is English menu and a few administrators speaking foreign language.Based on local identity “Familiia’s” menu is categorized for three types of clients. Those, who want to try homemade borscht, fried potato and cheesecakes. Those, who know the taste of dry-aged for 21 day ribeye. Those, who want to discover the taste of mountain Carpathian food. The restaurant combines classical European cuisine (in particular – grill) and Ukrainian with a distinct Hutsulian peculiarity, but in modern interpretation – it’s about cooking and serving. 

The whole range of dishes is provided – from snacks to desserts. It is complemented by a typical card with alcoholic, soft and hot drinks. “Familiia” suggests wines from Europe, Chile, New Zealand and two Ukrainian brands. Special offer – tinctures of galangal (kalganivka), horseradish (hrinivka), hierochloe odorata (zubrowka) and Hutsulian moonshine (samohon). Nonalcohol special offer – Carpathian tea with Carpathian honey.

We chose Hutsulian motives and ordered appetizers – budz (cheese) and tomatoes with pesto sauce. Hutsulian cheese plate with budz, bryndza and vurda is served with honey and sauce. And barbecue pork ribs. We took occasion to ask how hutsuls bake it over an open fire. The chefs in “Familiia” cook pork, veal and beef. You can order fish or sausages. Plus pizza, five types of pasta and green salads. Hot dishes will be served within 15-20 minutes, meat – up to 30 minutes depending on doneness. For salads you have to wait 5-10 minutes. Turkish coffee with orange zest and brandy can be served at once.

The waitress “whirls” a bit answering questions about dishes. But if she is asked to tell about Hutsulian cuisine, she calls administrator. The last one can explain the difference between cheeses – about their tastes and production technologies. Budz, bryndza and vurda are being delivered from Sheshory village in Kosiv region. The same provenance of Hutsul beverages and other “family” products: penny buns (mushrooms), blueberry jelly, smoked trout. 

It took us 20 minutes to get our check. The waiters got together in small groups and “hang on” at the bar counter for some time and forgot about clients. Anyway, after Hutsulian delicatessen your mood can not be spoiled.   

Antique restaurant ShpyndeL

“Shpyndel” owners are prominent collectors: their dream has come true and in the same time they added the original history to modern Frankivsk – combined museum with restaurant. Unique vintage items are presented in the antique shop interior. Collection of ancient watches and paintings of the late 19th – first half of the 20th century, barometers, lamps, antique furniture, old tiles on the floor, bar counter with a mechanical cash register, candelabra and even washstand and drain tank in the lavatory – all of these items have historical value.

It is impossible to stop in for a moment at least because the host or the hostess meets guests in most cases – they kindly give excursions. You hang on them even more than in the kitchen. For 30 minutes we were gazing at unique exhibit – diorama of Mickiewicz Square in 1905. Restored from the old postcard, the square is illustrated with the rare figures of inhabitants of the old city.


The “nostalgic” collections of cigarettes and alcohol from the 1930-1980s are constantly replenished, as well as collections of hats, leaflets and advertisements, plates and posters. The collectors change here mirrors, add exhibits. The most recent is the gold leaf covered mirror from the early 20th century. Another recent exhibit is “one-armed bandit” – gambling machine from the 1930s. The collector traveled to Munich to get it. The items’ history in the three halls of  “Shpyndel” is not limited to Stanislav-Frankivsk and Galicia; it is more likely to illustrate era than area.

Therefore, in the restaurant there is European cuisine with local elements. English language menu is available. Chefs cook the whole traditional list of dishes – appetizers, salads, soups, meat and fish, side dishes, desserts. Alcohol card is focused on hard alcohol, such as Airbag whiskey. Wines from Europe, Australia, Chile, Georgia, Ukraine are presented. Craft beer. Beverages are: natural cranberry mors, lemonade, compote and fresh juice. Traditional teas, coffee, cocoa.

The hostess and waiters recommend local signature dish – pate, cooked according to the ancient Galician recipes. We ordered pate of calf liver with garlic croutons of dark bread with nuts. Sauerkraut with honey fungus and fragrant oil is a good match to pate. Plus traditional Galician salad of baked beets and cheese – here it is mixed with feta, arugula and caramelized walnuts. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to taste bohrach – well-known Hungarian soup of four types of meat, sweet paprika and chili pepper.

While we set up for a meal, the waiter told about Shpyndel’s European cuisine in detail. One of the most popular branded dishes is hot “Shpyndel Tower”: veal, pork, chicken fillets, baked vegetables and mushrooms with Provencal potatoes and tartar sauce – multilayered and seasoned with greens. Oily Norwegian herring with croutons. Baked yellowfin tuna with cream cheese sauce. In addition, “mother’s favorite flowerpot” – a dessert in an exclusive performance. Tiramisu in a chocolate pitcher, which is on the side – the waiter explains: “as if the cat has thrown over”. The sweets fell out of it on the decorated biscuit cake, which has a pattern copied from the old tile in antique restaurant. You can also taste fried French chestnuts from September until the end of October.

Up to 20 minutes our order has been served. While we were going to taste food, the loud company came to the restaurant. Oh, we have seen these people somewhere on stage … Famous clients are habitues here: in the restaurant there is a big “Guestbook” with autographs of writers, actors, singers, designers, politicians. Each guest can supplement this collection with own autograph.